4000-Series: UHF SATCOM Amplifiers

4000-Series: UHF SATCOM Amplifiers

Designed to work with any tactical transceiver, these high-performance low-noise high-gain UHF-band tactical satellite amplifiers boost the signal between radio and antenna.

TCS 4000: A radio frequency switch with an integrated UHF SATCOM Low Noise Amplifier used with the Harris AN/PRC-117F Multiband radio . Rugged, COTS product with patent-pending technology that features switching speeds compliant with Harris HPW, a durable waterproof housing designed to MIL-STD 810F, and a custom LNA setting . Installs securely to the side of the radio, and is interoperable with LOS or TACSAT antennas.

TCS 4100: An ultra-low noise universal SATCOM LNA designed to work with any tactical transceiver such as the AN/PRC 117F, AN/PSC5, AN/PRC 148, and LST-5 families. Available as a “SATCOM Only” LNA and a Line-of-Sight/SATCOM version.

TCS 4120: A stand-alone UHF SATCOM LNA with transmit bypass, for long cable runs.

TCS 4150R: Enroute National Tactical Receiver (ENTR) TACSAT LNA.

TCS 4300: Add-on LNA for use with the Harris RF3080-AT001 UHF TACSAT antenna.