8000-Series: Line-of-Sight (LOS) Antennas/Systems

8000-Series: Line-of-Sight (LOS) Antennas/Systems

Clandestine or covert antennas.

TCS 8100: A “Shark Fin” antenna, the TCS 8100 is a customer specified DF-assisted automobile-mounted direction-finding antenna for SIGINT operations. This antenna houses a high Q bandpass filter, an ultra-low LNA, automatic transmit/receive switch, and DC transmit fail-safe protection circuitry that allows operation in the event of power failure.

TCS 8150: Covert Multi Use Radio Service (MURS) antenna.

TCS 8200: This multiple whip antenna allows operators to choose a particular signal
spectrum to listen to targeted voice traffic in a covert or clandestine situation. Disguised
as a standard OEM FM radio antenna, the 8200 maximizes vertical coverage.

TCS 8300: Covert LOS vehicular antenna.

 TCS 8410: A wideband 150kHz – 20 GHz Lambda omnidirectional Technical Surveillance Counter-Measuring (TCSM) antenna, designed to operate with a laptop scanner to sweep for unknown emitters. The device contains a bypass active LNA in the low frequency ranges. The TCS 8420 is an omnidirectional circular polarized compact ultrawide band antenna about the size of a sheet of paper. Packed into the small size is the ability to survey a wide spectrum of signals. Operators can connect the unit to a single or dual scanning receiver. Options include a single, dual, or triple RF port design. (TCS 8410: Amplified, TCS 8420: Passive.)

TCS 8500: An extremely lightweight,  LOS multi-band antenna operating over the 30-512 MHz band, this antenna is designed to be inflated to full size for use. When stowed, it can be rolled up into a shirt pocket.

TCS 8550: This 30-512 MHz body-worn antenna has been tested against other body worn antenna variants at China Lake NWC, and was chosen best overall antenna. The antenna is embedded into a right side or left side holster.







TCS 8700: 4” ultra-wideband LOS antenna. This product illustrates our ability to create custom antennas either traditionally, or by using 3D printing techniques.

TCS 8955: A vehicle mounted covert motorized broadband antenna, this device is designed for low-visibility missions. Disguised as a standard OEM FM radio antenna, the unit maximizes vertical coverage.

As with most TECOMSYS antennas, this unit is designed to customer specifications, and variants are also available for unique commercial vehicles in small quantities. Complete covert or clandestine systems include custom amplifiers, cables and systems design upon request.