9000-Series: BLOS Antenna Systems

9000-Series: BLOS Antenna Systems

Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) antenna systems

TCS 9000: A low-profile, lightweight and portable
specialized custom SATCOM UHF fabric antenna system.






TCS 9200: A conformal multi-band MUOS airborne antenna, mounted in the CASA 235. 

TCS 9300: TECOMSYS has developed an airborne TACSAT antenna system that is structurally integrated into the vertical stabilizer of the King Air / GUARDRAIL for ISR and other special purpose missions. This conformal antenna features a user operated LNA integrated into the TACSAT antenna structure that is DAMA compatible and MUOS upgradable.

This unit has a “fail safe” bypass switch that allows the user the ability to communicate in the event of a power failure and reduces the typical “Batwing” or “X-wing” visual profile while reducing airfoil drag and saving topside real estate. A proprietary co-site filtering design assure strong SATCOM signal reception and low adjacent channel EMI.

TCS 9730: 902-928 MHz circular polarized patch antenna . The TCS 9730 is a high-performance, ruggedized ground station antenna designed for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) operations in high multipath (urban) environments . The TCS 9730’s hemispherical pattern is circular polarized allowing for greater coverage at the fringes of operational distances (low look angles) and provides less polarization mismatch when the airborne vehicle antenna is in either vertical or horizontal orientations . Built for field operations, the sturdy ABS radome is equipped with a threaded insert for tripod mounted operations.

TCS 9750: A packaged vehicular antenna system for the Instant Eye and other Unmanned Aerial Systems. The TCS 9750 allows an operator to control a UAS while inside a moving vehicle, and provides GPS and video data between vehicle and operator. The TCS 9750 internal antennas are optimized for airborne communication links, and the enclosure is fabricated with a solid aluminum base to assure good RF ground and unit durability. We provide three low-loss, high-frequency external RF cables with each system in standard 12-foot lengths. The cable assemblies can be ordered to custom lengths.

 TCS 9900: UHF SATCOM buoy antenna.