Core Competencies

Cyber Solutions
• Offensive and defensive Cyber Solutions.
• Information Assurance through Vulnerability/Compliance Scan.
• Cybersecurity through Security Technical Implementation Guide
• Network analysis, design and deployment (classified, unclassified
• Smart Grid and Cyber Range modeling and analyses.

Avionics / Airborne Systems
• Extensive Airborne / UAV RF Systems Engineering.
• Experience with TSO / FAA requirements.
• Special Operations RF / Communications platforms.
• CONUS and OCONUS Platform support.
• Military and commercial airborne systems engineering.

Training, Test, Evaluation
• Tier-1 SOCOM training classes developed and taught
• Signal Analysis, Antenna and RF concealments, basic electronics.
• Test and training simulation, documentation and planning.
• Technology market trades, analyses, test and evaluation.
• CONUS/OCONUS Field Service Representative (FSR) services.

Antenna Development
• Custom antenna development from 2MHz – 6GHz.
• Multi-platform (Air/Land/Shipboard) design.
• Antenna / transceiver co-site analyses.
• Tactical QRC prototype antennas.
• SOCOM/IC expertise.

Signals Intelligence Solutions
• Tactical SIGINT expertise across Airborne, Maritime and Ground platforms.
• Subject Matter Expertise (SME) services to Army Intel, SOCOM, and IC.
• Classified systems-level design of platform “Kit” and associated networked data flow.
• Technology roadmap development for the dismounted MI/CEMA soldier.
• Interagency (IC) technology development for D0D tactical solutions.

Systems Engineering / Management
• Certified Program Management support.
• Agile and Waterfall development expertise.
• Project Management.
• Systems Engineering Planning.
• Documentation development and support.

Research and Development
• Applied Research and Development Services.
• Past performance within all 000 Research Labs.
• Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) applied research.
• Ongoing CRADA with NSA. Multiple patents and technical publications.
• R&D roadmaping, technology insertion and management.

Embedded Systems I DSP
• Specialty transceiver digital signal processing (C, C++, HDL).
• RF embedded systems design.
• Analog front-end, digitizer solutions in GPP and FPGA.
• Satellite communications, active and passive solutions.
• User Interface (GUI) and tactical embedded solutions.

Special Projects Technologies

• Classified technology and QRC product development. Covert/Clandestine product and system support.
• Technical surveillance counter­measure (TSCM).
• Concealments / Hostile Forces Tagging / Tracking / Locating (HF-TTL).
• SME support to SOCOM/JSOC/IC.