Engineering Services

TECOMSYS offers a number of engineering solutions in the following areas:

Covert Antenna & Microwave Systems Design

  • Antenna Systems covering the HF through Ku Bands
  • Communications and Navigation Antennas
  • RF Combiner and Switching Systems
  • RF Filter and Diplexer Designs

Communications System Design

  • Communications Link Analyses and Improvements
  • Multi-platform SATCOM systems
  • Communications On-The-Move (OTM)

Re-Engineering of Obsolete RF Components and Subsystems

  • RF to Microwave, Digital and Analog circuit card Redesign
  • In-house rapid Prototyping and PCB Design
  • Design and Test of Electronic Circuits

Solutions in Electromagnetic, Environmental, Effects (E3)

  • Design and Optimization through Modeling
  • Modeling and Simulation on Airborne, Shipboard, and Vehicular Platforms
  • Single Element or Phased Array
  • Antenna / RF Co-site analyses and solutions

Avionics and ISR Flight Systems Engineering

  • Flight Test Engineering Design, Support and Analyses (DO-160, MIL-STD 461)
  • Tactical Communications, Technical Surveillance and EO/IR Systems
  • Multifunction / Broadband / Covert Airborne Special Mission Antenna and RF System design