Research and Development

TECOMSYS is constantly working on multiple research and development projects. Here are a few of the more promising programs that may soon see release:

Automatically senses combustible fumes in the operating room and prevents the “spark” from a cautery device that can cause a fire. US Patents #8,721,638 and 8,845,634.

Senses the cell phone signal within a driver’s reach and jams the signal, preventing a driver from using a non-hands-free telephone. US Patents #9,252,914 and 9,467,928.

Noise-free two-way communications for freefall airborne troops or civilian skydivers. Allows for seamless communications from inside the aircraft, through freefall, to under canopy radio.

Using a shark’s natural abilities to sense a magnetic field, this device repels sharks by using powerful and permanent Neodymium rare earth magnets.The intense magnetic field dissuades a shark from attacking swimmers or other people in the water without the use of batteries or noxious chemicals.