TCS 654

An orphaned rack-mount unit, recreated for the U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard. The TCS 654 is a direct replacement (form, fit, and function) for the Harris RF-654-08 . This unit is approved for operation on shipboard, aircraft and land-based systems. The TCS 654 Multicoupler contains a high linearity amplifier section with internal HF bandpass sections, along with EMP protection and transient suppression circuitry . The unit contains automatic amplifier bypass on detection of high input level and automatic disconnect in the presence of high signal level . High IP3 and high amplifier linearity makes the unit an optimal choice for HF operations.


Often, large RF manufacturers will discontinue complex RF systems. TECOMSYS has the RF and electronics background to rapidly analyze, test, reverse engineer, and develop drawing packages to continue the orphaned product line.