TCS 1500/1600/1700

Magnetic mounts for a variety of antennas used by U .S . and allied military where the antennas need to be quickly mounted and removed from low-visibility or armored vehicles . Magnetic vehicular mounts for the standard LOS Nightstick, VHF whip and multiband 30-512 MHz rubber ducky antennas. These units are used for vehicular applications . Custom designs are available with extendable ground plane radials, an integrated low noise amplifier, or dual antenna mounts. Developed to support the original Battlefield Air Operations (BAO) kit for SOCOM.


Our military and industry customers require specialized machined parts such as magnetic mounts, camera brackets, and vehicle antenna mounts that are critical pieces to subsystems. TECOMSYS provides parts with the necessary anodized conformal coating, masking, and other processes derived from computer numeric control (CNC) machinery to fit those demands.